• ​​​​Jim Meirose's short and long work (400+) has appeared in numerous publications, including South Carolina Review, New Orleans Review, Xavier Review, Witness, Into the Void, Exterminating Angel, Phoebe, Otoliths, Baltimore Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, American Literary Review, 14 Hills, and many others.  (Click Here for On Realism & Project 1.)
  • Twitter: @jwmeirose                                                   Assorted Praise for Meirose's work (click here)

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​​"...something tells me that asking me questions requiring answers at this juncture will be futile I won’t answer I can’t answer I am not I will not answer ‘m not answering go away go go away..." ​​

--(from "What Year is This" WIP 2021)​                                                                                                 

                                                                                     Featured  Novel: 

 No and Maybe - Maybe and No    (Pski's Porch)