‘Now Jesus himself had pointed out that a prophet has no honour in his own country’ (John 4:44)

ON PROCESS: The closest analogy to the composition process used to create these texts is an odd kind of sausage making machine, where the raw materials are constantly being churned up someplace inside or perhaps outside (some mysterious place called "imagination" I  guess) of what’s called an “Author”. After the pressure rises to the point where it must be released in some manner, the act of the “Author” sitting down to “write” (hate that word) takes place. This is a process of hitting the keys releasing the churn that extrudes out and takes the form of a text in the computer, which gets  managed and controlled and molded and formed according to some on-the-spot improvised assortment of structural rules, as it flows into the text line by line, until the author “feels” the time is right to lop it off, shut down the flow, leaving a more or less “readable” text solidified in the computer. Then this text gets massaged and tweaked and all into a somewhat more “readable" "finished product” that then gets categorized as a “story”, or a “chapter”, or something like that—it becomes a work of  “fiction”, which is the general term agreed to across the board. This is one way to conceptualize a “writing process” (hate that term). Of course, I  may read this over in the next five minutes and realize this whole writeup is “fiction” as well. After all, the entire notion of there being absolutes in life is a “fiction”. But in this moment we consider it true as anything else on the table where we're sitting. END ON PROCESS.

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​​"...especially the habitually rebellious one whose gang of microscopics had devised a food fragment magnet independently of the more well-known one developed more or less concurrently way out cross-continent; Mike Licker their fancy dentalist had coined this joke a few cleanings ago after placing Lane under a bright fog of confusion-gas which was their joke name for the nitrous kind. "

(Excerpt from work-in-progress - "Audio Bookies"  - Novel - completion targeted mid-2019)


Jim Meirose's short and long works have appeared in numerous publications, including South Carolina Review, Xavier Review, Phoebe, Baltimore Review, New Orleans Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, American Literary Review, 34th Parallel, 14 Hills, Witness, Journal of Experimental Fiction (Anthology and Novel), Le Scat Noir, Optional Press (Novel), Montag Press (Two Novels), and many others. Further info: www.jimmeirose.com

New in 2018 will be:

"Understanding Franklin Thompson" novel: JEF Publications

- Comment from Jane Rosenberg LaForge, poet and author of “An Unsuitable Princess” and “The Hawkman: A Fairy Tale of the Great War.”, re "Understanding Franklin Thompson": "To read only one of Jim Meirose’s novels is to miss out on the scope and depth of his surreal vision. But UNDERSTANDING FRANKLIN THOMPSON is a great place to start." 

​Also in 2018:

"Sunday Dinner with Father Dwyer" novel: Optional Books

Comment from Anita Ballesteros, Solstice Literary magazine, re "Sunday Dinner with Father Dwyer":  Meirose’s ability to guide the reader into the inner worlds of these men yields powerful insights into the human condition and the longings inside all humans.

 ​​And, Completed and Seeking Publisher:

"Le Overgivers au Club de la Résurrection"

-Comment from Norman Conquest, Editor, Black Scat Books, re "Le Overgivers au Club de la Resurrection":  A magician’s hand is quicker than the eye, and the same is true of Meirose’s fiction. It’s experimental magic and I haven’t a clue how he does it. This novel will leave you mesmerized.”

-Comment from Rosemarie Tantra Bensko, author of the The Agents of the Nevermind psychological suspense series, and gold medal winning novelist, re "Le Overgivers...": In this funereal narrative, Meirose's prose pulses with life, infusing you with intensity of each moment arising surprised. The robust words leap for joy out of the coffin. There really are no limits. There is no end of worlds sentence to sentence with a narrator as liberated as this one, free to obsessively imagine. I laughed out loud throughout the novel. I'm reminded of falling in love with Tom Robbins writing with similar boldly whimsical juxtapositions."

"Dans L'Odeur de la saintete (In the Odour of Sanctity)"

-Just completed - about Math Anxiety, Saxophone Obsession, the Goldberg Variations, and 17th century witchcraft.

​​​For more information, Email jmeirose@optonline.net

Also: Visit My Facebook author page:  https://www.facebook.com/jimmeirose/?modal=admin_todo_tour

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