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Jim Meirose's short and long works have appeared in numerous publications, including Futures Trading, Cicatrix, Into the Void, Exterminating Angel, Phoebe, Otoliths, Baltimore Review, New Orleans Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, American Literary Review, 14 Hills, Witness, Journal of Experimental Fiction (Anthology and Novel), Le Scat Noir, Optional Press (Novel), and many others. 

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​​​​Comments on Jim Meirose's Work:

Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting:
 “…by Jim Meirose. …the best, an incredible novel.”

Norman Conquest, Editor, Black Scat Books:
"A magician’s hand is quicker than the eye, and the same is true of Meirose’s fiction. It’s experimental magic and I haven’t a clue how he does it."

​Rosemarie Tantra Bensko, author of The Agents of the Nevermind  psychological suspense series, and gold medal winning novelist:
 "Meirose's prose pulses with life, infusing you with intensity of each moment arising surprised. The robust words leap for joy ... There really are no limits. There is no end of worlds sentence to sentence with a narrator as liberated as this one, free to obsessively imagine. I laughed out loud throughout...” 

​​Richard S. Bailey, author of Off on a Tangent and Tiresias Lies: The Insidious Plot of the Men with One Left Shoe :
"Jim Meirose is a writer of distinctive voice and vision"

​​​Jane Rosenberg LaForge, author of An Unsuitable Princess and The Hawkman: A Fairy Tale of the Great War:
"To read only one of Jim Meirose’s novels is to miss out on the scope and depth of his surreal vision"