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I feel my life is a story,

I  am being told,

By someone or something,

Too large to comprehend.



About Jim Meirose

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Jim Meirose's work has appeared in numerous magazines and journals, including Permafrost, Blueline, Ohio Edit, Bartleby Snopes, the Fiddlehead, Witness, Alaska Quarterly review, and Xavier Review, and has been nominated for several awards. Two collections of his short work have been published. And a novel, "Mount Everest" was released in 2015 by Montag Press. Another novel, "Eli the Rat", has just been released by Montag as well. Three more novels are under contract with Montag for 2016-2017 release: these are previously published novels which had gone out of print from other houses. As of this writing, over 300 of my short stories have been published since 1988.




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9/13/2016: Great new review of ELI on Amazon: here's what it says:

​Eli the Rat is a big, sprawling feast of a novel that will be greedily devoured on the first read and then turned back to, again and again, to be fully appreciated. Books like this don't come along often and this one is a delight.
Eli, the title character, is an investigator who has been hired to go undercover as a forklift operator at a New Jersey pharmaceutical warehouse to find out who's been stealing thousands of dollars worth of narcotics. He is a rat, in the parlance of his industry. He also has a fondness for smoking hashish laced with PCP. His internal monologues while under the influence are reminiscent of William Burroughs: hilarious, bawdy and gloomily fatalistic about the human's an unforgettable story about power and longing and bad choices that stands up to the best of Richard Ford and John Cheever.

(see the entire review on Amazon)

6/29/2016:  Newspaper article (click link to read) appeared this month in a Major NJ newpaper, regarding "Eli the Rat", Montag Press, and future plans for 3 more Montag novels. (Contracts signed for these).

7/5/2016: LATEST REVIEW of ELI THE RAT - Well worth a look!

By Sandy Raschke, Fiction Editor
Calliope, A Writer’s Workshop by Mail
2016 Summer Issue #152  

Enticed by the stunning, phantasmagoric cover art created by Wojciech Magierski, it would be the rare reader who wouldn’t be compelled to turn to the first page of this novel...

 Click HERE to read entire review. 

​ALSO:  ​PRAISE FOR "ELI THE RAT" from noted journal editor:
"With wild imagery and his masterful use of internal monologue, Meirose thrusts us in the mind-bending drug-induced madness of his characters. His words, like that which is present in so many of Eli’s visions, are fire."

And, lastly, From Goodreads on Eli the Rat, from a reader: ​

​"Loved it! It's got a dark, quirky, kaleidoscopic plot about narcotic thefts at a pharmaceutical warehouse that will leave you wanting more from this amazing writer.
Want to know what working a conveyor belt in a warehouse is like? Want to know what it feels like to smoke opiated hashish laced with PCP? Want to meet some of the most desperate, greedy, lonely, achingly real fictional characters you've ever encountered? Read Eli the Rat. It will be a classic someday, mark my words."




READ Newspaper article about "Mount Everest" at this link:  ​​Courier Everest

​​Here's a blurb from a noted editor about "Mount Everest":

"If Philip K. Dick, Richard Brautigan, and Oliver Sacks had collaborated on a novel, this would be it. Within its pages you’ll meet the endearing Christine, an unforgettable, good-lookingprostitute who suffers from enough delusional syndromes to fill a thick textbook on neurological pathologies. A strangely beautiful and hauntingnovel, Mount Everest conducts the reader through a labyrinth of psychological dimensions to the point where it’s difficult to be sure that you’ve emerged."




2/14/16 - NEW!! Check out this neat new FREE short on Smashwords!! It's called "The Big Corporate Picnic" and it is FREE! Click the name!






"Marcia", "Monkey", and "Freddie Mason's Wake" Novels' reprints from Montag set to occur in 2016-17.



10/6/2016 - "Sunday Dinner With Father Dwyer" draft in progress.

​​8/18/2016- "Understanding Franklin Thompson" COMPLETE! Ready to go!

103140 word high potential postmodernist novel.

6/5/2016 -​​-"Death Rocket Ricky" novel complete, out seeking publisher. 



10/28/16 - "Half Day on some big Boat, Far at Sea" completed (10467 words), and sent out to earn its inevitable slew of rejections.

12/26/15 - "Wait-Slave inna ChinaJoint" completed (13217 Words), and sent out to earn its inevitable slew of rejections.



12/3/2016 Nominated for 2016 Pushcart Prize - Cannot reveal which Journal or story until they officially announce.

12/3/2016 "Lahaina Noon" may be seen at Hackwriters

11/9/2016 "Way Out to China" completed (4274 words), sent  out seeking a home.

10/28/2016 "Father's Day" to be published in The North Atlantic Review.

10/28/2016 "How Bowling Balls Are Made" to be published in COG.

10/28/2016 "Sunday Dinner With Father Dwyer" (1300 words) completed, submitted everywhere.

10/28/2016 "Far Out on the Big Containership" (2841 words) completed, submitted everywhere.

9/30/2016 "But We're Playing With Abater Tunek Today" has been published in CultureCult.

9/23/2016 "Wow! His Raymond Wins the Big Prize!" (3040 words) completed, submitted everywhere.

9/10/2016 "The Malingerers" (4339 words) completed, submitted everywhere.

9/1/2016 "Moving Into the Continental" and "The Miracle" both may be seen at Hackwriters!

8/29/2016 "Ice Cream Man" FLASH FICTION 190 words is to appear in The Donut Factory later this year.

8/12/2016 FLASH FICTION 541 words "The Mary Kay Lady" completed, submitted everywhere,

8/10/2016 "The End of Carolyn's Corporate Career" has been published in Ohio Edit  (Thanks Amy!)

7/2016 "Mirror-Maze", "The Morning After Every Night" completed, submitted everwhere.

7/22/2016 "Next to the Last Stool" completed, submitted everywhere.

7/9/2016 - "Everything's Really Nothing at All" completed, submitted everywhere.

6/29/2016: - "Vitus on the Eleventh", "Cancer", and "Scales" completed, submitted everywhere.

6/5/2016 - "The Agent", "The Pale WIld Priest", and "Bandages" completed, submitted everywhere.

6/5/2016 - "The WIndow in the Sky" is now appearing in Big Bridge Lit Magazine. Click to read!

4/10/16 - "Their Last Friday" completed, sent everywhere!! 

4/10/16 - "Faking it Up with the Ghostwriters" to appear  in Journal of Experimental Fiction Anthology later this year.

3/28/16 - "Eighteen Damned Good Reasons Jesus Won't Return as a Cruise Ship" completed. Out seeking publication.

3/26/16 - "Spring" accepted by Wolffian Press.

3/26/16 "Smokin' Marlboros Down Metedeconk" accepted by Simone Press

3/5/16 - "The Foreman" completed. Out seeking publication.

2/20/16 - "Not Worth a Damned Scam" completed. Out seeking publication.

2/6/16 - "Day of the Ibis" completed. Out seeking publication.

1/27/16 - "Thirty Years After Thirty Years After" may now be read in Permafrost. Click here to read.

1/23/16 - "In an Alcohol Blackout" completed. Out seeking publication.

​​1/8/2016 - "Some Dream Washed Up onna Opium-Bed" completed. Out seeking publication.

1/4/2016 - "Blind" completed. Out seeking publication.

12/22/2015 - "After Getting the Meat Before Buying the Papers" may now be viewed in Ohio Edit.

11/26/2015 - "Roxie and Zeke" has appeared in the Wisconsin Review.

Short Story "Freezer Meat" completed, will be sent off seeking publication today.

11/21/15 - "At the Race Change Clinic" to appear in Otoliths.

​​​ ​​​​"Time Passes; Time Goes" to appear on Pound of Flash this month.

9/26 - MILESTONE!  300th work published since 1988!  Mad Swirl -- …

9/17 - Ohio Edit has published story "Shower, Car: Picnic, Eggs".

​​"Found, Found, Found This Dead Arm In the Gutter" story has come out in latest Third Wednesday Journal.

"The Corpse" story is out in the latest issue of Innovate.

"Walking the Dog" story is out in the latest issue of Sidereal Journal.

9/3 - Completed "Montano's Creep". It's out earning it's rejections!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​And of course, Email for details on any of the above.

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Full time Fiction Writer - 2010 to present

Sr. Business Manager IT at AT&T September 1984 - July 2010 (25 years 11 months)

Part-time Fiction Writer - 1988 to 2010

Skills & Expertise:



Public Speaking

Classical Guitar (When in Practice - about once every forty years!!)


Bloomfield College: BA in Economics, 1976 - 1980

High School - New Brunswick Public High School (Zebras) - No memories remain.

Grade School: Our Lady of Lourdes, Milltown NJ:  Remember that I threw up in front of an audience during a big important spelling bee.


Novel "Monkey". Contracted for reprint with Montag Press 2016.

Novel "Freddie Mason's Wake". Contracted for reprint with Montag Press 2016.

Novel "Mount Everest" Published 11/5/2015 by Montag Press.

Novel "Eli the Rat" published by Montag Press 2016.

Novel "Marcia " Contracted for reprint with Montag Press 2016..

Short story collection "Breakfast Meat and Other Stories" Out of print

Over 300 short stories published in various magazines and journals since 1990 Authors: James Meirose

Short Story Chapbook:

"Crossing the Trestle" Authors: James Meirose - Out of Print.