Work in Progress Random Sample  (updated 1/15/2023):


—“better” TVs “? capable of providing quite a few more channels than before ?”, but, keep in the back of your mind throughout this whole story; we never asked for a new TV set, we were perfectly fine with the channel we had, it was great (great great fun) after all, it being all we had, well you know when one’s all you can have and you’ll die without fun you tend to get | off’n selvespes’’servatinal instinct | the flat downs that * sooner or later come back to bite * one, is fun—great, great fun—and who cares it might be a lie, * semi-metallic substances jammed down in barrels * I mean—everything on earth might be a lie—I mean—even that there is a planet earth well—that could be a lie too (even if it’s providing great, great fun) but if it is it must not matter ‘cause here we three are in the very spite of it * semi-metallic substances jammed down in barrels * so what that its a lie. It means absolutely nothing in that case |but| * sooner or later (MAY) come back to bite * where the hell was I m’ surface’d ‘ll tensioned down ‘ensioned down eh eh (MAY) : see what happens when I let you go on telling a story? Can’t you see?


‘cause I didn’t stop you, you just rattled on and on until you crashed!



Thoughtful looks all around. I observed their flown feathers, settling slow, undulating in their currents, illuminated by the sun’s lit-up dust |they fought to catch their breaths |SCINTILLA| | they did fight fights over fights all long times—to catch their breaths catch their breaths catch their breaths catch and catch their so even though breaths o’er their even though we’d never breadth, we never asked for one, there we sat stuck with several hundred channels { and with nothing at all to watch ![ Carmen Basilio ]! I bet you thought they’d say but ha ha ha NO they did not say that at ALL! ha ha HA! MADE YA’ LOOK Made Ya’ LOOK made ya’ ‘ok !!! [ you may spread those back as desired]} to make our way through to catch something interesting then an interesting channel popped up again and again sort of of sports as as well, you know, ![ Carmen Basilio ]! after completing several visits to the bathroom each time in a thoroughly complete and satisfying way; this on nearly five or six days in which it slowly settled into our realities that the new TV set was here to stay, and then, after the result of that process was allowed to cool down enough to allow short periods of “barefoot walking”, with each period lengthening by degrees over a few more days after that { with the degree of lengthening rising slightly each day with said lengthening growing longer as reality settled in cooler } ![ Carmen Basilio ]!  until we could bear to finally sit through [ milquetoast ] an entire evening’s after-dinner TV watching session but hold it let’s set that over here a bit—we did suffer a setback, fairly “severe” in nature, which pushed our progress toward total acceptance of the new TV we’d been forced to install back nearly thirty or thirty-five percent, (great! big!! bang!!!) [raritangle] that setback being a fatly enveloped official looking something of some kind which proved to be [ milquetoast ]+ but only after the typical struggle to open it + it being a blue spackled governmental looking thing with the dread “open this end first” with [ milquetoast ] perforations impossible to zip open as these always are & Hattie and Nancy the {wicked trio with special guests also the wicked trio } WITH SPECIAL [raratingle] SURPRISE CAMEO appearance by the {wicked trio with special guests also the wicked trio } guaranteed [ melquitaost ] to get your goat in reverse WITH SPECIAL SURPRISE CAMEO appearance [earatinglr] by the {so damn ya crank ah tole yah dunna } oirt dekciw eht osla stseug laiceps htiw oirt dekciw{ get dem Dock-Dokker Tickisqiuess, I [‘ilquetoas’] tole ya not get dem I tole ya not get } so [‘aritangl’] get tix HERE & so as always by the time the damn thing lay there [‘lquetoa’ ] opened nearly one half the damn thing was torn up and rendered totally [‘ritang’ ] unreadable, and—![ Carmen Basilio ]! the other half well well well I’ll tell yah THAT—no, besta t’not, do not let me get started [ ‘queto’ ] no don’t ask get away get back and leave lets talk please let’s talk [‘ta’] let’s talk about talk about something about something else, dear God, and [ ‘0’ ] great big Peter, deliver me |LEAVE THIS INSTANT| deliver me from sin mother [tae] |LAEVE THIS ANSTINT| Magdamononnio ah ah, Mother dear Mother [ ‘quet’ ] Mag |VEALE SHIT ISNTANT| damonnonnio ah ah ah ah M |LV THS NSTNT| other sw |EAE I IA| sweet mother deliver us ![ Carmen Basilio ]! please [ itan ] from evil |LEVAE TIHS INSTNAT| [ quetoa ] forgive us our sins and grant us the gift of eternal life |A HI STA| Ma Ma Mother Mother Magdamonnnnonnio |EAV HI NSTAN| Ma [rrtngl] Momo Mother Magdamonnnnnonnio |E S T| Mother ![ Carmen Basilio ]! Magdamonnnnnnonnio Mother Magdamonnnnnnnonnio |L T I| [iueoa ] Magdamonnnnnnnnnonnio nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn worn out deep dead there ain’t no more SPLASH!


NO, by Jesus.

NO ![ Carmen Basilio ]! NO ![ Carmen Basilio ]! NO ![ Carmen Basilio ]!  NO!



OKAY = okay that’s how we came to love that particular activity—and that was done when we were still foolish enough—to believe life was simple and that feeling like something is right = that something actually being right = it being fresh and new and we being fresh and new also—not  knowing of course what we’d know in the future—after all, how could we have known that, how could we have, eh, oh—that innocence = in many ways stupidity ah ah = albeit a pure sort of innocent stupidity which in a way = actually we-l-l-l-l—not quite a real virtue, but a sort of force of barely controllable horizontal gravity pulling us along toward the e’er-receding, never quite reachable future—after all—what is the future [anyway] but something that not only is not yet ![ Carmen Basilio ]! but that never will be ever—[anyway]—ss so near yet so far like [anyway] is the future, out miles that way out there, or is it right here, just a nit off the “tip of the nose” it is not [anyway] space of time its the [anyway] future |? is ? it ? not ? [anyway]|but hell hey o’ no-wah, we threw that all down—which was easy, as it just swallowed down less than a split of a split second of the time between us, and the future, r-r-r-r-r-rerrrr, so—uh—uh—where was I big void big void big I got void big to step back shut confusion of up I feel funny where’s a void big void big where’s a chair void big void big confusion here, see? of a void big void big see what happens when void big void big when I let you go on and on like this you confusion of a void big void you big hit void a big void hit a wall its big confusion of a its not a void its the exact void big void big void big void big opposite what you hit’s confusion of a void you hit is—a wall big void big not a nothing to be there but the exact void big void big confusion the exact opposite you hit a of a wall you hit void big the exact opposite of a void that’s void big void a wall you hit a wall that’s a wall big void big that’s a wall no you never even got out your fave it was Jai alai we fell in love with confusion of a void Jai alai it was it was Jai alai which it’s not it’s a wall. We want our Jai alai we want our—jai! We’ve hit a wall. I can’t see and God, crap! Look how late it is! ![ Carmen Basilio ]! We have wasted one more entire day!No we haven’t ![ Cerman Bisalio ]! its really close—lets keep on.