Girl Fish                                                                                   Alaska Quarterly review
The Good Mother                                                                  Witness (9/2007)
Prepare My Spaghetti Dinner Immediately!                      Brave New Word Issue 8          

The Keys                                                                                   Open: OJ&AL (’22)
Superman’s Picnic Table                                                        Open: OJ&AL (’22)

Numb Pierre – First Interview                                               Ex Ex Lit (’22)
At Jesse Owens’ Grave                                                            Open: OJ&AL (’22)

Exorcisism                                                                                 Lothlorian (’22)
Off Turbulino, Too                                                                   Synch. Chaos (’22)
This Cha l’lecric’ll, Band-Aid                                                   Var (2x) (’23)
Just that Damned – Bassoon!                                                Synch. Chaos (’22)
Of the Act of Simple Urination                                              Otoliths (’22)
Seeding His Furrow-Field                                                       Mad Swirl (’22)

Step-by-Step Self-regenerating Great Big Shoe Salesmens   Var(2X)

In n’ Out the Flying J                                                                Bluestem (’22)

First Frankenstein's Juggernaut                             Exterminating Angel ('22)

Poole Hammer Factory – Factory Floor                Dissap. Housewife (’22)

Daytime Star? Daytime Star                                   (Ex Ex Lit)

Ending the Nine Month Long Important as Hell Corporate Conference Call (…NL)       Ex-Ex Lit (7/2018)
 Sunday Dinner with Father Dwyer (Novel)                        Optional Books (2018)

Yon Be Da Pickleman                                                             Cabinet of Heed (10/18) 

 Chapter #24 - Reflections on the Pretended Contradictions Ascribed by Father Girard to La Cadiere in Her Answers Before the Chancellor; With Observations Upon the Said Father’s Memorial Entitled Demonstrations of the Impostures Etc.                                                            Otoliths (9/2018)

The Great Maestro Takes on Gage                                        Exterminating Angel (’18)
Spidey Manda Da Plumber-Boy                                             Cabinet of Heed (’18)
Face the Consequences                                                         *Dans Macabre (11/2018)
Always You Know I Think the Same                                      Otoliths (’18)
Between Stormthunders Twelve and Thirteen                 *Ex Ex Lit (12/18)
Audition Isolde                                                                          Cabinet of  Heed (2/19)

My God Look at This! Let’s Call It a Gazebo!                       *Cicatrix (2/19)  

Playing Piano for People…Meat of Lesson Three               Otoliths (’19)

Twenty Nine Point Two Percent of the Planet…               *Crab Fat Magazine (’19)

Piano Man                                                                               Exterminating Angel (’19)
Hey! Buddha’s in the Road!                                                 *Otoliths (’19 with #383)
I Met Your Dad in the Globe Factory Sonboy                   *Cabinet of Heed (5/19)

Friendship                                                                                 Blaze Vox 2011

Celestia is Snakebit                                                     Fugue

Moments Through Moments; by her, his Doctor. (Drab) *Into the Void (’19)

First Meat Ever Whut Hit d’ First Fan, or; Where all War Leads Sayeth the Preachman                                                                                                                                                   *EAP ‘19

Some Are Some Also                                                                 *Mad Swirl ‘19 M.S. Best of ’19 anth.
Take a Letter Mister Chickie                                                     LE (6 ’19)

Mirror-Maze                                                                                Pif Mag, (2017)   

Chapter #6 Redoubled and redoubled all anon          Otoliths ‘19 
Ah. No No No                                                             Brave New Word ‘19      
Thirty-Two Keys Stud the Body of Each Sax So…   Cabinet of Heed ‘19

The Dad Anecdote                                                      Open: Journal of A&L

Grundig Wars on Baby the Boyman                          EAP (’19)
Fishing and the Dad                                                    Petigru Review (’19)

All Lent Near Big New Truck Stop                           Otoliths (’19)

In Mid Game                                                              Open: Journal of A&L(’19)
His First Day’s Hitchhacker                                       Mannequin Haus (’19)

Ah Smothering Slumbers                                           Mannequin Haus (’19)
Le Overgivers au Club de la Résurrection (novel)    Mannequin Haus (’19)

Harry and Me and Harry and…                                  Cabinet of Heed (’19)

Waitress Please! I’ll Have the Bit-chop!                    Scum Gentry (’19) Mad Swirl (1/20)
Destination: Bulgaria                                                 The Disappointed H’wife

Sad Case of Mr. Complete Beverage …                    Collidescope (’19)

After Her Water'd Broke One Bitsy-Time Prior        Fleas on the Dog (’19)
Prankster the Jokey Joke’s Seasonal Store                 Otoliths (’19)
In the Final Presence of the Great Justice                  Mannequin Haus (’20)

Theology Lesson Five Hundred                                 Collidescope (’20)
Just Say Some More to Me Captain – I Need Some More Said to Me Very Bad   (Cabinet of Heed (’20))

In Memory of Ron Scamp, Journeyman Carpenter    Otoliths (’20)

How It’s Named; Sonboy                                           The Disapp. Housewife (‘20)
Dog Boss                                                                    Cabinet of Heed (4/2020)

Orangey Convicted Babymen Receiving Mandatory Daily Nourishment 
                                                                                        Fleas on the Dog (4/20)

Little Jackson’s Batha-Ventra                                    Scum G. (last issue ’20)
The Largest Lady in the World                                  Open: JA&L (’20)

Kinds of a Colleges Courses                                      EAP (7/1/2020)
No and Maybe – Maybe and No                                 Pski’s Porch (’20)
Self-Serve Pet Wash-Stop Station                              ZIN Daily

Auxx-coo the Computational Man (Alive!)               Open: JA&L (’20)
Mid-Januinary Radio Jam                                          The Disapp. Housewife (‘20)
Come Slit my Fish                                                      Otoliths: fall ’20.

VanDer-Uncle’s Personally Private Secret…            Black Scat (Black Humor)
D’terratrio A. Lan. G.: Compression                          EAP (’20)
Dry and Wet the Same                                               Die Leere Mitte (2020)

Candlelight                                                                 Portland Metrozine (’20)
Today’s feature—How to set up an effective…        The Blotter (’20) 

Calmly Considering what Clothing to wear Tonight (p.1)  Jnl. of Exp. Ontology (’20)

Calmly Considering what Clothing to wear Tonight  (p.2) Jnl. of Exp. Ontology (’20)
Calmly Considering what Clothing to wear Tonight  (p.3) Jnl. of Exp. Ontology (’20)
Calmly Considering what Clothing to wear Tonight  (p.4) jnl. of Exp. Ontology (’20)

Calmly Considering what Clothing to wear Tonight  (p.5) Jnl. of Exp. Ontology (’20)

Welcome to Biblical Walk                                         Open: JA&L (’20)
The Money (up’d The Collection)                             Cabinet of Heed (’20)
Observations O’ All the Observers Observed            EAP (’20)

Principles of Good Dental Care                                 Misery Tourism (’21)
The Mind Off My Creator                                          Fleas on the Dog (’20)
Apostrophe S                                                              AMP Hofstra (’21)

Flora’s Gone Full Centipede                                      Whimperbang (’21)
Frankenstein’s Juggernaut                                          Otoliths (’21)

N’ Solace House                 (p.1)                                        Centre for Exp Ont.

N’ Solace House                 (p.2)                                        Centre for Exp Ont.

Cold Calling                                                               Woven Tale Press (’21)
These Realities of All Falling Down                          Litbreak (’21)
Of Complexities of the Chew                                     Aesthetic Directory (’21)

The Reality of Knowing Nothing at All    (p.1)                 Centre for Exp. Ontology​
The Reality of Knowing Nothing at All    (p.2)                 Centre for Exp. Ontology

The Reality of Knowing Nothing at All    (p.3)                 Centre for Exp. Ontology

Dell’s Shoe Store Salesmen                                       EAP (’21)

In the Shadow of the World’s Largest Cross             Open: OJ&AL (’21)
Ricardo! Odracir!                                                       Bindweed (’21)   

Soft Drink? Light Snack? Eh Baby?                          EAP (’21)   
Down the Sock                                                           Dans Macabre #135 
Gimme Some Pope Bone                                           En Bloc (’21)  

A Rare Sort of Fungus                                                Center for Exp. Ontology

Yes in those Very Same Flannel-Sleeved Snacks      Die Leere Mitte (/21)
Cured                                                                          Misery Tourism (’21)
It’s the Dog’s Walk, Not Yours                                  Collidescope (’21)

Pssst, Pssst, Pssst; Hashish?                                       Ex Ex Lit (’21)
Recalling Ben Minor                                                  Broadkill Review (’21)
Enforced Job Break                                                    The Disapp. H’wife (’21)

T’Theoreticals of Dr. E.M. Fuselage                         Center for Exp. Ontology
By the Way; I’m Doctor Buck Moon                         Center for Exp. Ontology

Deep Fry                                                                     Open: OJ&AL (’21)
Hands Off                                                                   Misery Tourism (’21)
All Calendars, All the Time                                       Fleas on the Dog (’21)

Dr. Toby’s TV Time Wasted                                     EAP (‘21}
I’ll Have a Gently Done Swingin’ Ale                       Center for Exp. Ontology
Species of the Dark                                                     EAP (’21)

Spare Change City                                                      Otoliths (#63 2021)
And So it Becomes Time to Call the Police               The Stray Branch (2022)
Slim Simon                                                                 Mannequin Haus (’22)

An Attempt at a Hitchhike    (p.1)                             (CEO ’22)

An Attempt at a Hitchhike    (p.2)                             (CEO ’22)

Bed Body Parts &                                                       ZIN Daily (2/22)

Th’ Poeta of Hi’ ‘nvisible Smoke    (p.1)                           (CEO 21’)

Th’ Poeta of Hi’ ‘nvisible Smoke    (p.2)                           (CEO 21’)

Th’ Poeta of Hi’ ‘nvisible Smoke    (p.3)                           (CEO 21’)

Beg Pardon Beg Pardon Sorry to Offend                   EAP (’22)
New Job, What? Oh, Yah; New Shoe Store Salesman   Alt. Route (’22)
Dans l'odeur de la sainteté      (novel)                        Optional Books (’22)

Ten Liquids Barbering system—patendapendie        Sagging Meniscus (Clam)
An’ My How His Cats Love to Dance                             Loth. Poetry Jnl (’22)
Torch                                                                                  Otoliths (’22)

When Das Terrible Minotour Risen’s in Off the Sea     (CEO ’22)

Come Here, Dukie! Dukie, Come Here!                       (Bindweed ’22)

About Martin's Sod Farm                                              (CEO '22)

Archaeology   (p.1)                                                          (CEO '21)

Archaeology   (p.2)                                                          (CEO '21)

Superman's Picnic Table                                                Ojalarts '22

Red Tie Car Men Equalling Nothing But Cars             Cabinet of Heed

Vicodin and Venice                                                          Misery Tourism

Numb Pierre - First Interview                                        Ex Ex Lit

Under Flood Watch                                                         Otoliths 2014

Gone to the Barroom                                                      Otoliths

From Dans L'odeur de la Sainteté (In the Odor of Sanctity), a work in progress


Two Prose Pieces                                                             Otoliths

A Teacher. A Package of Cocaine, and Two Dozen Eggs        The Benefactor (6/2009) Otoliths (5/2009)
The Last Train                                                                  Paradigm (1/2010)

The Boss                                                                     Infinity’s Kitchen
Mary and Kenneth                                                      The Other Herald  (2/2010), Otoliths (6/11)

Burn and the Kaiser                                                    Forge (2/2010)

Processes                                                                    Otoliths (3/2010)
BRAAAAPhooooooo!                                                  Mad Swirl (3/2010)
Five                                                                               Moon Milk Review (3/2010)

Through the Ice                                                         CC&D      Otoliths  (9/10)
The Bullhead                                                              Kerouac’s Dog (9/10), Otoliths (6/11)
Only Dimes                                                                 MiPOesias  (9/10)

Deni-al                                                                        Jewish Lit. Journal
Circling Alice Springs                                                  Otoliths (3/11)
Saint Lazarus                                                               Xavier Review 5/11

The Tracks                                                                    Bluestem 5/11

The Chandelier                                                            Otoliths 8/11
The Night Lovers                                                         Red Lightbulbs 11/11

Twenty Six Little Stories                                             Otoliths 3/12

The Crystal Ball                                                            CC&D7/12   Otoliths7/12

An Appropriate Funeral                                                         Atticus Books  9/12

The Jacket / Bowling                                                                Section 8 Magazine

The Food                                                                                   Section 8 (2014)

So Now What is the Truth?                                        Otoliths 12/12

God Damn You!                                                                        Mad Swirl 2/2013

Faith                                                                                           BlazeVOX (4/2013)

Narcissus                                                                    Otoliths 2013
Yell! (first page)                                                          Stone Highway Review (9/13)
Candy                                                                          A Pound of Flash (7/13)

Fifteen Round Fight                                                    Mad Swirl (10/13)
The Hod Carrier’s Morning Break                               Clarion (11/13)

In the Diner                                                                 Otoliths (11/13)
Down the Field                                                                       Enchanted F.C.  (11/13)
Father and Son                                                                       Calliope (2014)

Headless                                                                     In Parenthesis (1/14)

In the Crystal Bar                                                        CC&D (2014)
Love in the Garden                                                     St. Katherine  Review (2014)
Eclipse                                                                         Collier’s Magazine, Black Heart

Death Watch                                                              Memento Mori (2014)
The Bicycle Race                                                         Collier’s Magazine
Paint the Green Car Grey                                           Bitterzoet (3/14)

The Corliss                                                                  Subtopian Mag (4/14)
The Fall                                                                                   Stanley the Whale (5/14)
As It Is                                                                         Pound of Flash (4/14)

The Tomatoes                                                            Whortleberry (4/14)
The Rowboat                                                              Bluestem (2014)
Recovering: In the office of A,T and F                        Subtopian Mag (2014                                                                                                               (Serialized)

At the Communion Factory                                        The Rusty Nail (2014)
I Search                                                                                   Otoliths (2014) 
On the Tree                                                                 Ohio Edit (2014)

Wood Ticks                                                                 Clapboard House (2014)
The Party                                                                    Ohio Edit (2014)
At the Poison Factory                                                 Turk’s Head Review (2014)

Story about waiting all day for the Mailman             Mad Swirl (7/2014)
Mister Lucas’ Punishment                                          Solstice 1st runnerup (2014)
Pain                                                                             Otoliths (2014)

Harpies                                                                          Pound of Flash (2014)
On the Packing Line                                                    Otoliths (2014)
Gassy                                                                          Ohio Edit (2014)

The Walk to the Water Store                                     The Rusty Nail (2014)
The Fight: Meditationa Delacarnivore vs Mme Oxford-Picayune            Word Riot (2014)
Creel                                                                           Blueline (2015)

In the Ancient Cemetery                                            Dual Coast (2014)
Falling II                                                                       Ohio Edit (2014)
Poker with Lucy                                                            Van Gogh’s EarAnthology2014

Mount Everest (Novel)                                                    Montag Press 2015

Go Play                                                                              Blue Hour 2015
Eli the Rat (Novel)                                                            Montag Press 2016 (if NPWMH)
The Close Relative                                                      Bartleby Snopes 2015
In the Cage                                                                  Jenny (2015)
Modern Living                                                             Ohio Edit (2015)

The Road                                                                    Monday Night (2015)
All the Things to Do                                                    Open Minds Quarterly (5/15)
Cruel                                                                           Otoliths (2015)
Friends                                                                        Mad Swirl (4/2015)

Roxie and Zeke                                                                        Eunoia Review (7/2015), Wisconsin Rev (2015)
The Corpse                                                                 Innovate (5/15)
Learn Acting for Film                                                  Word Riot (2015)
Nourishment                                                              Ohio Edit (2015)

Ten Minutes and One Second                                    Mad Swirl (2015)

Walking the Dog                                                         Sidereal Journal (2015)
On placing bear Traps around my Garden                 Mulberry Fork Review 2015
Found, Found, Found This Dead Arm in the Gutter   Third Wednesday Journal
Eli the Rat (Novel)                                                       Montag Press (2016)
Shower, Car: Picnic, Eggs                                            Ohio Edit (9/2015)
Cured                                                                          Mad Swirl (9/2015)
Armada                                                                                   The Hr. after Happy Hr. (2015)
Time Passes; Time Goes                                                         Pound of Flash (10/2015)
After Getting the Meat, Before Buying the Papers    Ohio Edit (2016)

At the Race Change Clinic                                          Otoliths (2015)

Spring                                                                          The Wolfian (4/2016)
Smokin’ Marlboros Down Metedeconk                                 Simone Press (2016)
Faking it up With the Ghostwriters                            Journal of Exp Fic 2016 anth.
The Window in the Sky                                                           Big Bridge (2016)
Thirty Years After Thirty Years After                          Permafrost (2016)
But We’re Playing With Abater Tunek Today            CultureCult Magazine (2016)
The End of Carolyn’s Corporate Career                                 Ohio Edit (8/2016)
Fragment I, of Sunday Dinner with Father Dwyer                  Live Encounters Spring 2017
The God Damned Lost Vicious Dog Lawsuit                           Calliope (2017)
The Big Corporate Picnic (Self-Pub)                                       Smashwords
Vitus on the Eleventh                                                 Driftwood Press (4/17)
The Mary Kay Lady                                                     Five2One, Word Riot
Moving into the Continental                                      Hackwriters
Blind                                                                           Literary Heist
The Pale Wild Priest                                                   Thrice Fiction
Inferno (E-book)                                                         Underground Voices
Fragment I, of Sunday Dinner with Father Dwyer      Live Encounters
WDR-GAS #2                                                               Anti-Heroin Chic
Lahaina Noon                                                             Hackwriters
Club de Resurrection                                                  Adelaide Magazine (7/17)
Understanding Franklin Thompson (Novel)               JEF Eckhard Gerdes (2017)
WDR-GAS #6                                                               Live Encounters 2/2017
Some Dream Washed Up onna Opium-Bed              Scarlet Leaf (7/13/2017)
Huh? (#1)                                                                    Live Encounters (7/14/2017)
Astronomical                                                              Trampset (7/2017)
The Dynamite Shed                                                    Conceit Magazine (8/2017)
Scales                                                                          Dual Coast (8/17) #5
Middle School, P.M. (With Janie)                             Live Encounters (8/17)
The Initial Legend of the Great Founder                    Literary Heist (9/17)
WDR-GAS #13 (Janie’s Just Turned 12)                   Eyedrum Periodically #15
The Burning Bush                                                      Live Encounters (9/17) Orbis 183 (2018)

Candlespeak: Hombres de la Eucharistia, Sho’ nuff’ – All Aboard!  Otoliths (17)

Mass Murder                                                               Le Scat Noir (1/2018)
 WDR-GAS #11                                                          The Birds we Piled Loosely                                                                                                                                                    The Fiction Pool
WDR-GAS #12                                                          Scarlet Leaf Review (1/18)
Review of Daphne and her Discontents                     Literary Heist (12/17)
Experiment in Space 91                                              Live Encounters (1/2018)
With Ear Pressed to a Cylinder, Overheard               Anti-Heroin Chic (1/18)
Way Out to China                                                       Soft Cartel (2018)
In Scratch Pot                                                             Le Scat Noir (2/2018)
Rod and Maisey; Maisey and Rod                             Live Encounters (LE)(2018)
Cut One, Cut Out                                                        Queenmobs  (3/18)
WDR-GAS #18 (One Big Load O’ Silly)                  Vagabonds (2018)
Next to the Last Stool                                                 Scum Gentry (3/18)
                                                                                       Mannequin Haus (2020)
On TV Pan Cakes Today                                            Armarolla (2018)
Over Mommy Mommy Pop Pop's Funeral Parlors.   CheezUndCrackers(2018)
Noman and the General Now                                     Gold Dust (2018) LE(2018)
Being Sax                                                                   Scum Gentry (5/18)
The Great Red Spot                                                    (LE 4/18)
Cancer                                                                         Kairos lit mag #2 2018
Yes Ms. Librarian                                                      *Black Rabbit (7/18)
Stannie the Dog                                                          Scum Gentry (7/18)

The Recapitulation of the Accusations Brought Against Father Girard, 
or: In the Cans 
                                                                   Otoliths (7/18)

This Day You Will be With Me in Paradise              Scum Gentry (8/18)
WIP Audio Bookies Excerpt – Chap 7                       34th Parallel (8/18)
First Morning Coffee after Math Final Day               (LE 10/18)
Lydia: Apotemnophobic Audio Bookie                     34th Parallel (9/18)   
Le Son De                                                                   Scum Gentry (’18)
Crazy the Authorman                                                 34th Parallel (’18)
 Snag                                                                            Defunkt Magazine (’20)
How Daddymum Foundie-f’rst House                       Black Fog Zine (’20)

The Overburdened Woman’s Stain                            Woven Tale Press (’19)

How Bowling Balls Are Made                                   COG (’16)

Only Dimes                                                                 Scum Gentry (’19)

Marcia (later Claire) Novel                                        2004-Neshui/selfie

I Am From Miles Back and Got Miles to Go.            Ginosko ‘19   
Crazy This Doctor Was For Me Mother                    AvantAppalachja ‘19

Der High Crimes Und Der Misdemeanors                 *Futures Trading (’19)

Le Overgivers au Club de la Résurrection                 Avantappalachia (Ser.)

Shaking and Shaking…Down My Head                    *34th Parallel (1/19)

Math Final                                                                  Avantappalachia (12/18)

Flora and the Eggheads                                              Scum Gentry (01/’19)

Big Piano Lesson                                                        Wood Coin Magazine (’18)

Yes. Invoke the Big Madison Immediately!              Bending Genres (10/2018)

Thorne’s Picture                                                         Coe Review
They Run                                                                     Strictly Fiction II (Potpourri)
Hayne’s Lucifer                                                                       Blood & Aphorisms (B&A)
The Brand New Gone Forty One Year Old Chevy                   B&A
The Stigmata                                                              Aura
Tone                                                                            The Belletrist Review
Bird Brain                                                                    Paper radio
Bread                                                                          Burning Toddlers
David’s Man                                                                The Higginsville Reader
Chalices                                                                      Art Times
Walter’s Way                                                              South Carolina Review
Busybodies                                                                 Organica Quarterly
Breakfast                                                                    Organica Quarterly
No Damned Prisons for Ghosts                                              Nocturnal Lyric
Flower Garden                                                                        Mind in Motion
Pigs                                                                              B&A
The Detective                                                             Innisfree
Brook                                                                          Blueline
The Viewing                                                                Nocturnal Lyric
Eleven Fifteen                                                             Innisfree
Statues                                                                                    Innisfree
Fishing                                                                        The Fiddlehead
Falling                                                                         The Belletrist Review
Princess                                                                       Black Water Review
Lulu                                                                             Nocturnal Lyric
Turkey Buzzards                                                         The Higginsville Reader
Meat                                                                           Willow Review
The Collection                                                            Pangolin Papers
The Driver Test                                                                       Oxford Magazine
Incontinence                                                              Art Times       
Milk                                                                             Pennsylvania English
Carwaxda                                                                    Oasis
Compassion                                                                B&A
Two Headed babies                                                    Oasis
Fair Morning                                                               Oasis (O Henry Runnerup)
Coffee Shop                                                                Higginsville reader
Christ on the Tree                                                       Oasis
Maggots                                                                      Whiskey Island magazine
The Holy Instrument                                                  Oasis
The Crushed Man                                                       Circle Magazine
Stelazine and the Mudpies                                         Xavier review
Taxidermy #1                                                              Happy
The Experimental Boy                                                Higginsville reader
Boy and the Mother machine                                    New Orleans review
Judgement at Ship Bottom                                         Timber Creek Review
Summer:  the Trestle                                                  West Wind Review

I’m not God:  God Sings                                                          Neotrope
Whipping the Rigger                                                   Glass tesseract
Geology II:  the Geologists                                         Oasis (3/2001)
And God Never Ever Goes Away                                            Oasis (6/2004)
It’s All About Eating                                                    Thought Magazine
Death by Garbage                                                      Phoebe (8/2003)
Mental Health Ii                                                                      Portland Review (8/2001)
The Only Thing Worth Praying to                               Home Planet News (6/2004)
Monkey’s Fingers                                                       Happy (5/2001)
At the Monkeyzoo                                                      Palo Alto review (5/2001)
Into the Sun                                                                Art Times (8/2002)
Angelina                                                                     Oasis (5/2003)
Ivan and the Potters                                                   Pangolin Papers (11/2001)
Lila and the Voodoo                                                   Oasis (12/2002)
Lisbeth and the Tool People                                       Oasis (6/2002)
Hard Luck Bobby and the Ripper                                           nebo (12/2003)
The Smell of the Late Summer Sun                            Nebo (2/2004)
Turning Mom                                                              Baltimore Review (9/2003)
The Doctor                                                                  Oasis (1/2002)
The Small Fruits of New York                                     Oasis (9/2003), The Ultimate Writer (2012)
Rennie Loves Lister                                                     Art Times (10/2002)
Do Cows Shed?                                                                       Happy (1/2003) Pushcart Nominee
Jack and Jill                                                                 Pangolin papers (3/2003) Pushcart Nominee
Coal                                                                             American Literary review (5/2003)
Thanksgiving                                                               Timber Creek Review (5/2004)         
At the Post Office II                                                     nebo (2/2004)
Cured!                                                                         Nebo (7/2004)
Supermarket                                                               14 Hills
Spices                                                                          Oasis
The Pears                                                                    Phantasmagoria
Ma                                                                               Circle magazine
Horses                                                                         Southwestern American Literature
In the Deli                                                                   Thorny Locust
The Annulment of Mr. X                                                         Writer’s Post journal
Fishing II                                                                      Alembic
At the Pharmacy                                                         Timber Creek review
Signifying the Fun of Guns                                         Bathtub Gin
Page Seventeen                                                                      Timber Creek review
Cat on a Leash                                                            Phantasmagoria
The Moons of Pluto                                                    Art Times
The Keys                                                                      New Orphic Review
The Big Bundle                                                             Northwoods Journal
The Damned Eleven                                                   Fringe Magazine
Jolly                                                                             Timber Creek Review
The Heat Comes Up Slow                                         Straylight
Look at the Mountains                                             Timber Creek Review
At the Picnic                                                                Happy
Childhood, Yellow Cats, Wasps Nests, Running    Higginsville reader
Four:  The Joke                                                            Children, Churches, and Daddies (CC&D)
Vicodin and Venice                                                     Explorsion (5/2009)
                                                                                       Kerouac’s Dog (2011) Otoliths 8/12
The Hit                                                                        Tabard Inn (3/2007)
The Candlesticks                                                        Gold Dust Magazine (11/2008) Best  fiction
Lob and God                                                               CC&D
Mason’s Two Dollar Bill Machine                               CC&D
The Foot From Egypt                                                  CC&D
The Lesser Gods                                                         CC&D
The Sputniks                                                               PBW
Bridges of Portland                                                    Burning River Noun vs. Verb (8/2008)
Happiness                                                                   CC&D
Visit                                                                             CC&D
Wells’ Snipes                                                              CC&D
Pastor Priest Sexton and the Man in Green               CC&D
The Steel Doored Room                                                         Forge (6/2009)  Shirley Jackson Prize Nominee
Stigmata II                                                                   Midway Journal (4/2008)
Praying the Fishlist                                                     Ping Pong (2/2010)
Deep Fry                                                                      Denver Syntax
Frames                                                                        Taproot Literary Review
                                                                                     Illya’s Honey
Pants                                                                           SP Quill Quarterly Magazine
In the Fix-it Shop                                                        Blueline
So my Sister is Mad                                                    Binnacle
Meant for Each Other                                                 63 Channels (8/2008)
Mechanicals                                                               PBW  -  Sim review 9/11
Stiffed                                                                         CC&D
To Cook the Turkey                                                    Sn Review
Emil Gruber                                                                Calliope Coal City Review
The Beautiful Antique Car                                          Palo Alto Review (6/2008)
 The Three (play)                                                         Overtime Chapbook (7/2008)
Trimming the Willow                                                  Liebamour   (Pushcart Nominee)
Meat II:  The Lord’s Will                                                         Delinquent (4/2009)
Open Face Sandwich
Brook II (Black Water)                                                Delmarva Review
The Contest                                                                Phantasmagoria (8/2007)
Leaning Across from the Church in the City               Kennesaw review (12/2007)
Tomorrow                                                                   Whortleberry – Halloween Anthology
My Sister                                                                     CC&D
The Poetry Reading                                                    Audience (10/2008)
Hospitalization                                                                       BluePrint review (12/08)
Grey (From BIG TOWN)                                                          Whortleberry – Strange Mysteries
The Show                                                                    Conceit Magazine
She Always Truly Loved Him                                      CC&D & Whortleberry –                            Valentine’s Day Issue&The Ultimate Writer            Conceit Mag.
They Run Hollywood                                                  Delinquent (7/2009)
Mad Swirl (9/10)                                                                                                                                                                                       
For Mother                                                                 Delinquent issue 11
Up at the Boat Factory                                                           Unheard Magazine (3/2010)
                                                                                                                    The Rusty Nail (6/12)
On the Couch                                                              Black Heart Magazine (3/2010)
Florida                                                                        Midwest Literary Magazine                                                                                                                                                    Fiction 365 (3/13)                  
The Growth                                                                CC&D   (6/2010)
NO SMOKING; Chinese                                                           Writing Disorder (7/2010)
Twilight on the Beach                                                 Unheard Magazine (Web)
Getting the CAT scan                                                  The Scrambler (web)
 The Sea is Full of Unseen Fishes                                             Delinquent  (1/2010)
Collection:  Breakfast, Meat and Other Stories                     Neshui (2004) Out of Print
Crossing the Trestle                                                    Burning River Chapbook (10/2010)
Phoebe’s Red rat:  Phoebe’s Blonde Rat                Momo review (9/10)
Breakfast III                                                                 Dalhousie review (9/10)
At the End                                                                   Arcadia (10/10)
Plaque                                                                         Midwest Literary Magazine
How Far Into Jersey?                                                  South Jersey Underground
It’ll be worth it                                                             Delinquent issue 14
Stiffed                                                                         CC&D (2011)
The  Money                                                                The Adroit Journal                                                                                                                                                                 Oklahoma Review
Cross Country                                                             Perceptions Lit Mag.
The Truth                                                                    Midwes t Literary Magazine
In Study Hall                                                               Stanley the Whale
Two Dolphins                                                             Subtle Fiction (3/11)
The Stew                                                                     Chiron Review 3/11
 This Deadly Day                                                                      Clapboard House 12/11
The Old Steeplejack                                                    SNReview  12/11
You Can Get Lost  Anywhere                                      Quail Bell 11/11
Church Money                                                            CC&D  1/12
Lost at Sea                                                                  CC&D  8/11
Clean                                                                           NOTES Magazine 4/11
 Menace                                                                       Rusty Nail
On The Porch                                                              Rusty Nail 3/12
Stew III                                                                        Sim Review 4/12
The Rope                                                                    CC&D 4/12
Mamalujo                                                                   The April Reader 5/12
The Loser                                                                    Associative Press (5/12)
Three Stories                                                              Diverse Arts Project 8/12
At 104 Degrees                                                                       The Cortland Review 8/12
The Hole                                                                     The Rusty Nail 8/12
Vomit                                                                                    The April Reader 10/12
It Equals Thirteen                                                       Medulla Review 10/12
Jackson’s Ghost                                                                      CC&D 10/12
Night and Day                                                             Alliterati (6/12)
 Their Proper Places                                                     Fiction365 12/12
In Marty Time                                                             THE2NDHAND TXT 12/12  Timber (2/13)
                                                                                      Artificium (2017) Tic Toc Anthology (2014)
The Holy Bones                                                                       SNReview 2/13
 Steps                                                                            Sim Review 5/13 Alliterati 3/13 Storm Cycle Anthology (2014)
Moons in Small Spaces                                                           The Vein 1/13
Mania                                                                                         Underground Voices (11/13)
Hunting                                                                                      Blueline (Spring issue)
The Trout II                                                                               The Metric (2/13)
Things of the Sea                                                                     Emerge Lit Journal (11/13)
 Monkey II                                                                                  Used Gravitrons 12/12
The Call                                                                                      Pound of Flash  1/6/2013: Anthologized (2014)
Miller’s Cymbal Orchestra                                                      Word Riot 12/12
The Session                                                                 Down & Out (11/13)
Gone to Hell                                                               Redacted Story (1/14)
New                                                                             Ice Box Journal (12/13)
The Cat Face                                                               Crack the Spine (1/14): Anthologized (2014)
The House                                                                  The Stray Branch (12/15)
In the Great Pharmaceutical Warehouse                              The Rusty Nail 12/12
Monkey (A Novel)                                                          Sweatshoppe (OOB)
In the Neurologist’s Waiting Room                            Medulla Review (8/13)
Eisner’s Dumpster                                                      Danse Macabre (9/13)
The Time is Snow                                                        One Million Stories (12/13)
Krapp’s Last Fart                                                                      Able Muse (summer 2013)
Cameron’s On Call                                                      Danse Macabre (5/13) Exit Strata (2013)
Freddie Mason’s Wake  (A Novel)                                          Sweatshoppe 2013 (OOB)
Grady George – Man of the Hour                                         Word Riot (3/2013)
Casket and Sunnyside vs. Vanity Fair                                    Jelly Bucket (2/13)
The Caretaker                                                               South Jersey Underground #14
God’s Bird                                                                                  Diverse Arts Project (3/2013)
Death Bed                                                                   CC&D (2014)

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