Assorted praise for Jim Meirose's work:

Rudy Johnson, Editor, Misery Tourism:

"This piece is probably one of the most vivid depictions of suffering I’ve seen submitted to us."

 ​​​​Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting:

"...the best..."

​George Salis, Author, Sea Above, Sun Below and Editor of The Collidescope: 

"...superbly accomplished novel (Le Overgivers au Club de la Résurrection) ...will surely be one of the best novels you read this year."

​Tom Ball, Senior Editor, Fleas on the Dog.

"Meirose is a trickster stylist and while you might call him ‘Joycean’ his lyric signature is lighter and a little more playful than the author of ‘Ulysses’. His extraordinary word play is like listening to a dialect you don’t quite understand but from which you can nevertheless glean meaning."

​Norman Conquest, Editor, Black Scat Books:

"A magician’s hand is quicker than the eye, and the same is true of Meirose’s fiction. It’s experimental magic and I haven’t a clue how he does it."

​Rosemarie Tantra Bensko, author of The Agents of the Nevermind  psychological suspense series, and gold medal winning novelist:

"Meirose's prose pulses with life, infusing you with intensity of each moment arising surprised. "

​​Richard S. Bailey, author of Off on a Tangent and Tiresias Lies: The Insidious Plot of the Men with One Left Shoe :

"Jim Meirose is a writer of distinctive voice and vision"

​ ​​​Jane Rosenberg LaForge, author of An Unsuitable Princess and The Hawkman: A Fairy Tale of the Great War:

​"To read only one of Jim Meirose’s novels is to miss out on the scope and depth of his surreal vision"Type your paragraph here.