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"The Workman received...a command from a never-shown entity known as "The Captain" to devote every waking hour to the construction of a large roadside sign on a little-used state road in a rural area."



No and Maybe – Maybe and No is a novel written in the style of nontraditional realism. It is not an “experimental” work of any kind but portrays a very definite reality-grounded flow of events. It portrays several concurrent flows (“layers”) of character experience. These wind into through and around each other over time, the characters gaining and losing awareness of and interaction with each other as events with commonality across one or more layers appear and disappear. --Jim Meirose

Advance reaction to No and Maybe - Maybe and No:

Tod Davies, editorial director, Exterminating Angel Press:

"If it's true that we need to expand our ideas about what forms our culture, and I believe wholeheartedly it is, then voices that speak in different cadences than that of the mass of present day literature are more necessary than ever. That said, No and Maybe, by Jim Meirose, is not only a cultural pushback, born of James Joyce via Philip K. Dick, with a nod to Leonard Cohen, but it's also very funny. Read it, expand your ideas of what is possible in story, and have a good laugh along the way." 

Fin Sorrel, Author, Transversal, and Editor, Mannequin Haus:  

"Fluid, transparent, wild. A highly absorbing, and provocative read. Finally, a book to give us an understanding of the other side. The lives we live in our own dreams."

Warwick Newnham, Contributing Editor, Open: Journal of Arts & Letters:

​"...a novel which breaks convention with traditional storytelling modes...a reflection of the communication modes of today, where audiences are bombarded with images, voices and sales-craft in an ever-burgeoning cacophony of voices and images, competing with each other for dominance." 

Michael Fiorito, Mad Swirl:

"A philosophical 'Who’s on First?', No and Maybe - Maybe and No is an innovative and vibrant play on character identity, ontology and being.  Intelligent and thoughtful, it will challenge your basic notions of what you call 'reality.'"